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PAN Amsterdam gaat door!
Aangepaste openingstijden voor PAN Amsterdam
14 tot en met 21 november in de RAI Amsterdam, steeds van 11.00 tot 18.00 uur

De 34ste editie van de grootste nationale kunstbeurs keert van zondag 14 november tot en met zondag 21 november na twee jaar terug in de RAI. De aangekondigde nieuwe coronamaatregelen maken dat PAN Amsterdam in de RAI, als doorstroomlocatie, met aangepaste openingstijden kan doorgaan: iedere dag van 11.00 tot 18.00 uur geopend. PAN Amsterdam en de RAI zorgen er samen voor dat bezoekers een veilig bezoek kunnen brengen aan de beurs. Bezoekers van PAN Amsterdam moeten bij binnenkomst een geldig coronatoegangsbewijs tonen waaruit vaccinatie, herstel of een negatieve testuitslag - niet ouder dan 24 uur - blijkt. 


Biggest art fair of the year; inspiring edition with 18 new participants
PAN Amsterdam: art, antiques and design
The 34th edition of the art, design and antiques fair PAN Amsterdam will take place in the RAI Amsterdam from Sunday 14 to Sunday 21 November. The National Art Fair PAN Amsterdam offers an extremely high-quality and versatile range of more than 110 participants. These art, design and antique dealers represent the top of the industry in The Netherlands. With experienced veterans such as A. Aardewerk Antiquair Jeweler, Kunsthandel P. de Boer and BorzoGallery, and enthusiastic new participants such as Bildhalle, Willem Baars Projects and St1 gallery. There are also a number of top foreign traders on the eclectic PAN fair present.

Mark Grol, General Manager PAN Amsterdam: “After an unprecedentedly successful exhibition in 2019, and a year of reflection in 2021 we will look ahead with a positive outlook together with traders. Full of energy
and confidence in the future. The resilience and flexibility of the entire culture industry has shown during the recent period. The Belgian art historian Paul Dujardin calls art the vaccine in the post-corona era. We are therefore pleased to announce that former artistic director and director of De Nederlandse Opera Pierre Audi the campaign image for the upcoming edition of PAN Amsterdam will develop in collaboration with photographer duo Maria Bodil.”

“More and more people are looking for meaningful moments and investments. They no longer only want to buy, but instead delve deeper and be inspired. A need that we meet with a diverse range of art, antiques and design and a varied fringe programming at the upcoming PAN Amsterdam like to fulfill. We look forward to working with our partners and participants on an exceptional, inspiring edition.”

The Swiss bank J. Safra Sarasin (Luxembourg) SA is the main sponsor of the upcoming edition and will offer an extensive program during the fair. Paardekooper is also sponsor of the fair. Taschen and FloatScans will be presented in the Business Pavilion this year.
PAN Amsterdam and VIND Magazine lift a tip of the veil
In anticipation of the 34th edition of PAN Amsterdam this fall, PAN Amsterdam and VIND Magazine are counting down to the fair together! It is no secret that enthusiasts and collectors yearn to look, buy and above all meet again in the best atmosphere that an art and antiques fair in the Netherlands offers. The fair will open its doors in the RAI in Amsterdam on November 14, 2021. Together with VIND Magazine, we will lift a tip of the veil of various masterpieces. In VIND 43 (September 2021), the veil will be completely lifted and everything can be viewed. However beautiful those photos may be and however beautifully printed: viewing and purchasing in real life is possible in the week from 14 to 21 November 2021. An excellent opportunity to enrich your collection and beautify your interior. We look forward to meeting you at PAN 2021! Until then, keep an eye on our socials and VIND Magazine.
PAN in Perspectief
Van woensdag 25 t/m zondag 29 november 2020 viert PAN Amsterdam, beurs voor kunst, antiek en design, de kunst in samenwerking met de KVHOK, de Nederlandse Galerie Associatie en het Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend, dat gelijktijdig plaatsvindt. Vele PAN-deelnemers openen een lang weekend feestelijk de deuren. Hier vindt u een overzicht van actuele tentoonstellingen en deelnemende galeries aan PAN in Perspectief, door het hele land. Via deze pagina houden wij u tevens op de hoogte van overig nieuws en activiteiten rond PAN in Perspectief. Deze pagina wordt dagelijks bijgewerkt en aangevuld.
Op vindt u eveneens meer informatie over deelnemende VHOK-leden. 
De begeleidende plattegrond met de deelnemers op de kaart treft u in de nieuwe, dubbeldikke wintereditie van TABLEAU (nu verkrijgbaar via of kunt u hier als PDF opvragen. 
Speciale editie TABLEAU - PAN in Print
Met veel enthousiasme heeft PAN Amsterdam de handen ineengeslagen met toonaangevend fine arts magazine TABLEAU. Eind oktober verschijnt een nieuwe, extra dikke editie van TABLEAU, speciaal in het teken van PAN Amsterdam. De 34ste editie van de beurs is verplaatst naar het najaar van 2021. In deze exclusieve editie presenteren circa 40 PAN-deelnemers hun mooiste kunstwerken. Het wordt een uniek bewaarnummer, voor een groot publiek. Naast de reguliere verspreiding onder abonnees en bij de betere boekhandels, kent deze uitgave een extra verspreiding via de PAN-deelnemers en onder de VIP relaties van de PAN. Daarnaast kunt u de speciale editie vanaf eind oktober aanschaffen via
Klik hier voor een preview.
Data PAN Amsterdam 2021

PAN Amsterdam is na uitvoerig overleg verplaatst naar najaar 2021. De 34ste editie, die gepland stond van 22 tot en met 29 november 2020, vindt plaats van 13 (opening) tot en met 21 november 2021.

In ruggespraak met deelnemers en andere betrokken partijen heeft PAN Amsterdam een gedegen inventarisatie gemaakt en alle mogelijke aspecten gewogen bij de complexe keuze hoe om te gaan met de editie 2020 in de huidige situatie. Verschillende scenario's, waaronder een kortere, kleinere beurs zijn hierbij uitgewerkt. De gezondheidsrisico's voor alle betrokken, de financieĢˆle risico's voor exposanten en partners, en de huidige veranderlijke regelgeving rondom grootschalige evenementen zijn de belangrijkste overwegingen om de beurs te verplaatsen.

PAN Amsterdam Appoints Mark Grol Managing Director

Mark Grol is appointed as managing director of PAN Amsterdam. Grol, who was nominated by the Board of Trustees and council of commissioners, will therefore take over from Patrick van Maris, who has held this post at PAN since 2015.

Mark Grol (born in 1970) studied art history in Groningen. He has been involved in the international commercial art market since 1995. Between 1996 and 2000 he lived and worked in Hong Kong, where he was general manager of an art gallery specializing in modern and impressionist European art. In 2000 he returned to Amsterdam and joined Sotheby’s. Among other things he served as an expert in nineteenth-century paintings. Mark Grol was the auction house’s managing director in Amsterdam and Paris from 2006 to 2015. Between 2015 and 2017 he was responsible for ten fine and decorative arts departments at Sotheby’s London. Until recently he was managing director of the prestigious gallery and publisher Cahiers d’Art in Paris. 


‘For over three decades PAN Amsterdam has been the biggest Dutch fair for art, antiques and design,’ says chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees Ad ‘s-Gravesande. ‘The quality of the art and the expertise of the exhibitors set the fair apart. A few years ago The Board of Trustees embarked on an innovative pathway, and we will continue this under Mark Grol’s inspiring daily leadership. With hismany years’ experience in the art world, his extensive network plus his outstanding knowledge of art and the art market, he will carry on developing PAN’s identity, achieve its ambitions for the future and strengthen its market position. Mark Grol will also be tasked with redefining the services relationship between PAN Amsterdam and TEFAF in the medium term. This means that the management contract with TEFAF in its current form will end in due course. This decision was taken in consultation with Patrick van Maris, TEFAF’s CEO, who until today was also managing director of PAN Amsterdam. Van Maris, too, advocates a gradual transition to a new relationship with PAN Amsterdam. The 2019 fair is being organized under the TEFAF umbrella. The goal is to stage the fair ourselves for the first time in 2020.’


‘I know PAN Amsterdam very well. It’s a tremendous fair that’s still vigorous and relevant,’ says Mark Grol. ‘The Dutch art market is its own ecosystem, and PAN Amsterdam plays an important part in it. Here, in a city fizzing with creativity and innovation, I’m taking over the helm of a splendid fair’s further development in a changing art market with, in due course, our own new team. After nearly eight years of working abroad, I’m very proud to be putting my shoulder to the wheel back here again.’

PAN Amsterdam 32 Ends Successfully

After a successful final weekend, PAN Amsterdam had welcomed more than 40,000 visitors to the thirty-second fair. The fair for art, antiques and design with 110 exhibitors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy had already recorded good sales during the opening weekend and the trend continued throughout the week and the closing weekend. 

‘Three years ago, we embarked on a new course. As a result, we now see that visitors can find PAN Amsterdam and appreciate the items on offer, which have all been vetted by our vetting committees. Sales are good across the board,’ said managing director Patrick van Maris. Chairman Roberto Payer said ‘This year the link between PAN and Amsterdam and the collaboration with photographer Erwin Olaf were the major highlights. His individual and revealing approach produced fantastic results. The wonderful images for the marketing campaign and the exhibition at PAN Amsterdam strengthened the link with the city. I’m proud of the result.’ 

Star Works Set the Tone for the 32nd PAN Amsterdam

A recently discovered work by Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) can be seen at this year’s PAN Amsterdam. Willem de Winter, the well-known presenter of the TV programme ‘Tussen Kunst en Kitsch’ and owner of Kunsthandel E.J. Wisselingh & Co recognized theMondrian during an appraisal. It is a 1901 portrait of Elisabeth Sophia Maria Cavalini (1873-1933) from Mondrian’s realistic period. The painting, measuring 73 x 53 cm, was previously unknown, has never been shown before and is not described in any catalogue raisonné.

The painting is now on the market and on view to the public for the first time. It is rare for new works to be added to Mondrian’s oeuvre.

Art Loss Register

How does the Art Loss Register work?
The Art Loss Register maintains a database that includes 500,000 items registered as lost, stolen or subject to a dispute. We were established in 1990 as a partnership between the art trade and insurance industry to protect the trade and its clients from inadvertently handling stolen property. We receive reports of losses every day from law enforcement, insurers, museums, the trade and collectors worldwide. We then compare objects on the market against the database to protect the art trade and its clients from handling stolen goods.

What type of items are registered on the database?
The ALR can register any types of lost or disputed items, so long as they are unique – from the more obvious paintings, furniture and antiquities, as well as silver, clocks, medals and coins, instruments, collectibles, jewellery and watches – to name a few.

What happens if the ALR discovers a lost or disputed item?
If an object is matched to one registered on the ALR database, we put the current holder in touch with the person or institution that notified us of the claim. The issue can thereby be resolved directly by the police or a civil claim, or by negotiation between the two (or more) parties. We work on these cases every day worldwide, often assisting with negotiations or mediation, or acting on behalf of the claimant to verify and pursue a claim.

How does the ALR work at PAN Amsterdam?
The ALR is included in the vetting at PAN Amsterdam, where we search exhibited objects at the fair. PAN Amsterdam is one of 15 fairs around the world that subscribe to this service, also including the three TEFAF and three Art Basel fairs. At the fair, the ALR compares each object on the fair stand against the database, and check to see if it is similar to any recorded on the database as lost, stolen or subject to a dispute. If an object is matched to one on the database, it is removed from sale until the issue is resolved. We are available to PAN exhibitors and visitors to carry out these checks at the fair, and to provide ALR Certificates as evidence of this ‘due diligence’. The Certificate is provided once the ALR’s has conducted some extra provenance research, to see if there might be any issues in the history of the item. This is particularly relevant in identifying items that may have been misappropriated in the period 1933-45, such as those confiscated from Jewish families or subject to forced sales.

If you have any questions regarding the Art Loss Register, or how we work at PAN Amsterdam, visit our booth P4 at the fair or go to our website 

PAN Podium 2018

PAN Podium offers a cultural programming to visitors of PAN Amsterdam. For this years edition the fair has a collaboration with 11 cultural insitiutions. This years theme is 'From Private Collection towards a Museum'.

PAN Podium part of the Fair, with at regular ticket you can access the program for free.

Programme Pan Podium 2018
Sunday 18 November Vereniging Rembrandt
Monday 19 November (day and evening) Design Museum Den Bosch
Tuesday 20 November (day)  Design Museum Den Bosch | (evening) Quote Magazine
Wednesday 21 November (day) Koninklijke Vereniging van Handelaren in Oude Kunst (KVHOK) | (evening) Young Collector Circle
Thursday 23 November (day) Chateau Hex | (evening Kunstontmoetingen) See All This & Hélène van der Ven Fine Art consultancy 
Friday 23 November (day) RKD-Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis | (evening) Museumtijdschrift
Saturday 24 November Museum Singer Laren
Sunday 25 November Museum Singer Laren

A more in dept decription of the programme will follow shortly.

Erwin Olaf Makes a Presentation and a Campaign Image for PAN Amsterdam 2018

For the thirty-second edition of the fair PAN Amsterdam (18-25 November 2018), the internationally renowned, Amsterdam-based photographer is creating eight new portraits with star objects displayed by PAN exhibitors. He is photographing eight objects from exhibitors’ collections against the background of the dynamic city of Amsterdam with its residents. These photographs will be shown with the objects in the special exhibition on the floor of the fair. 

He is using this series to presentrent striking contrasts in location or between the portayed and the artwork, reinforcing the link that has been forged between the fair and the city as the centre of Dutch art and the art market. A selection of these photographs will be used for the campaign image for this year’s PAN Amsterdam.

PAN Amsterdam began commissioning photographers to create a campaign image in 2016. Eva Roovers and Koen Hauser preceded Erwin Olaf. It is the first time the special exhibition and the campaign image have been created by a single artist.

Media Pavilion
PAN Amsterdam werkt ook deze editie samen met de tijdschriften voor kunst, antiek en design in Nederland. Dit jaar staan zij in het mediapaviljoen rondom het Laurant-Perrier café.
Onze media partners zijn:
VIND Magazine
Tableau Fine Arts Magazine
Collect / Kunst- en antiek journaal
See All This
Collect / Kunst- en antiek journaal
COLLECT is hét magazine voor de kunstliefhebber en -verzamelaar. In elk nummer houden we u op de hoogte van de actualiteit in de kunst- antiek- en designwereld. Maandelijks besteden we aandacht aan de beste tentoonstellingen in binnen- en buitenland nemen we een kijkje bij de Nederlandse galerieën volgen we de trends op het vlak van kunst antiek en design en brengen we uit eerste hand verslag uit van de wereld van veilingen en kunstbeurzen. Een handige agenda houdt u bovendien iedere maand op de hoogte van de belangrijkste tentoonstellingen veilingen en beurzen.
See All This
See All This kunstmagazine en online platform gidst je langs de mooiste musea en collecties van Nederland en daarbuiten. Met bijzondere interviews en achtergrondverhalen over kunst, fotografie, mode, natuur en reizen. Mogelijk gemaakt door 40 toonaangevende musea van het land.
Geef See All This cadeau; aan jezelf of aan een ander. Voor € 40 per jaar ontvang je ieder kwartaal ons prachtige magazine, maak je elk seizoen kans op het winnen van een kunstwerk, kan je deelnemen aan speciale evenementen en ontvang je wekelijks onze Kunstbrief met tips en inspiratie.
Nu met gratis een exclusieve Tyvek FOR THE LOVE OF ART -bag t.w.v. € 20. Kom tijdens de PAN naar onze persstand bij het Laurent-Perrier café bij de entree. 
PAN for Businesses
PAN Amsterdam is the ideal networking event. It offers a variety of opportunities for businesses get together in the fair’s relaxed atmosphere. You can meet your contacts and enjoy a snack, a drink, lunch or dinner. Or you can simply order entrance tickets. Ordering 40 or more tickets guarantees an attractive discount.

You can find more information about the packages available for PAN Amsterdam 2017 here.
If you have any further questions or would like to reserve, then please telephone +31(0)411-64 64 44 or e-mail
Art Encounters
Art Encounters is a private evening for thirty and forty-year-olds interested in art and for members of the Diplomatic Corps and representatives from the business community.
Art Encounters takes place on Thursday 23 November 2017 from 6.30 to 9.30 p.m.

Order your admission ticket for Art Meetings from the PAN webshop. Use the code in your invitation.
Patat door Tjalf Sparnaay
De schilderstijl deze kunstenaar noemen we realistisch omdat zijn schilderijen naar de werkelijkheid zijn geschilderd en hedendaags omdat het om een nog levende en/of na 1945 geboren kunstenaar gaat. Omdat Sparnaay zijn onderwerp heel erg uitvergroot en in close-up onder de aandacht brengt, krijgt hij een extra naam toegevoegd: we noemen hem niet alleen een hedendaags realistisch schilder, maar tevens een megarealistisch schilder. Hij is een schilder van deze tijd, van onze tijd, van nu. Een ultra modern kunstenaar die gewone alledaagse onderwerpen schildert in een volstrekt nieuwe stijl. Zijn schilderijen laten naast een nieuwe beeldtaal ook humor zien. Daarnaast is het ook verrassend en verontrustend, want hoe krijgt hij het toch voor elkaar? Zijn schilderijen lijken wel foto’s, zo glad is het oppervlak en je ziet haast niet dat het in lagen is geschilderd. Er is op dit moment dan ook niemand die het hem op deze manier na doet. Sparnaay zijn megarealistisch Patat is technisch vakkundig en traditioneel geschilderd. Het is monumentaal en theatraal met een mysterieus tintje.