PAN Podium 2018


PAN Podium offers a cultural programming to visitors of PAN Amsterdam. For this years edition the fair has a collaboration with 11 cultural insitiutions. This years theme is 'From Private Collection towards a Museum'.

PAN Podium part of the Fair, with at regular ticket you can access the program for free.

Programme Pan Podium 2018
Sunday 18 November Vereniging Rembrandt
Monday 19 November (day and evening) Design Museum Den Bosch
Tuesday 20 November (day)  Design Museum Den Bosch | (evening) Quote Magazine
Wednesday 21 November (day) Koninklijke Vereniging van Handelaren in Oude Kunst (KVHOK) | (evening) Young Collector Circle
Thursday 23 November (day) Chateau Hex | (evening Kunstontmoetingen) See All This & Hélène van der Ven Fine Art consultancy 
Friday 23 November (day) RKD-Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis | (evening) Museumtijdschrift
Saturday 24 November Museum Singer Laren
Sunday 25 November Museum Singer Laren

A more in dept decription of the programme will follow shortly.