Pierre Audi x Maria Bodil


The renowned artistic director Pierre Audi (Beirut, 1957) has developed the campaign for PAN Amsterdam 2021 together with the Amsterdam creative duo Maria Bodil - Lieve Maria Eek (Geldrop, 1996) and Marthe Bodil Vos (Groningen, 1995). The master and the two young artists found each other during intense conversations, because of their shared deep love for art. The campaign image shows a search for the basics, for the roots. Where do we come from? In the current zeitgeist, it is also increasingly difficult to trace back the original materials in the creative end product. In the search for the essential and elementary, the makers have gone back to the basics together. In this campaign image, the four most important raw materials - metal, stone, wood, glass - from the visual arts come together in their purest form. To describe it in Audi's words: 'This campaign image establishes the relationship between art and nature. The four materials stone, wood, glass and metal form the primordial basis of art, with a crossover between periods, materials and objects.'

The image has minimal, timeless and surreal aesthetics, balancing intimacy with elusive sophistication. It fits in well with the essence of the fair: an eclectic collection of art and antiques of timeless quality, created through intensive, mutually enriching collaboration and cross-pollination of art dealers, antique dealers, gallery owners and other stakeholders. 'It was very special to make the campaign with Pierre Audi, a celebrity in opera, and therefore very interesting to go through the creative process with him, and to translate his vision into images.' Thus the ladies of Maria Bodil.

Beeld: Maria Bodil