Rembrandt Sutorius (artis)


Every year a figurehead from the cultural world is asked to create the PAN campaign image. This year the honor went to Rembrandt Sutorius, director of Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. Graphic designer Sef Hansen designed the image: “Through the Eyes of Rembrandt Sutorius. "Sutorius is the general director of Artis”, he notes, “and every day he marvels at all the life around us. Both about the strength and the beauty of nature. And, how everything - even if you don't see it immediately - is connected and interdependent. From the tiniest, invisible life to the infinite in the universe. That wonder is a source of inspiration for the arts par excellence. My design reflects nature's spectacular forms and biological processes. A harmonious mix of real photographs and artificial intelligence elements borrowed from nature's majestic universe. A representation of the force that shapes everything around us, or Natura Artis Magistra: nature is the teacher of art."