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Venetiaans blauw

Colourless glass with accents in transparent aquamarine coloured glass
17th century
In the seventeenth century, the Venetian glassmakers in Murano started decorating their colourless glass made of cristallo or vitrum blanchum, with small transparent aquamarine-coloured additions. All the glasses of the small collection on the picture have different types of aquamarine-coloured glass decorations. The barrel has blue hoops, the a penne carafe and the mould-blown bowl on foot are decorated with blue horizontal glass threads. The little ewer on foot has even three types of ornaments: horizontal threads, a thread along the opening of its spout and prunts on both sides of a pointed mascaron.  The small decanter two blue handles and both the serving plate ('alzata') and the small engraved bowl are adorned with a cable made of aquamarine coloured glass.


Frides Laméris Kunst- en Antiekhandel vof


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