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The Namoradeira rocking chair is made in his own workshop in Nova Vicosa at the end of the 1970s, this chair is a masterpiece made from a single piece of Brazilian hardwood. But there's more to this story. The Denuncia series by José Zanine Caldas, to which the Namoradeira chair belongs, carries a powerful message. 

Caldas was motivated to re-enter furniture design when he saw precious Atlantic Forest wood discarded during logging in Nova Viçosa. Drawing inspiration from local craftsmanship, he made sculptural, functional pieces that retained the wood's natural characteristic, which became known as Protest Furniture. His intention was to value the wood and at the same time bring awareness to the deforestation process.

For us this story is truly inspiring, especially since there is so much going on with the environment in the world, this is a statement piece. MMD's presence at PAN Amsterdam 2023 promises to be a unique selection of exceptional design, craftsmanship, and an opportunity to witness the rare beauty of the Namoradeira rocking chair by José Zanine Caldas.

Jose Zanine Caldas Namoradeira rocking chair Brazil 1979

Namoradeira rocking chair by Jose Zanine Caldas, made in his own workshop in Nova Vicosa end of the 1970s. Made out of 1 piece of Brazilian hardwood.


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