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Sylvie Bonnot (1982, FR) is a photographer and transmedia artist known for her radical questioning of documentary narratives. Her work is in museum collections and is the subject of two monographs: Contre-courants, Nouvelles Editions, Paris (2016), and Derrière la retenue, FACIM Foundation and Actes Sud (2017). Her major institutional exhibitions include: Musée des Archives Nationales, Paris, and Maison de la Photographie, Lille, 2019; Derrière la Retenue I, II, III (solo public commissions), FACIM Foundation, Savoie, 2019-23; and Musée de La Roche-sur-Yon, 2018. She was awarded the residency hors les murs 2021 at the Observatoire de l’Espace of CNES (the French National Space Agency) and will feature in their exhibitions based on her trips to the Baikonur Cosmodrome and the Guiana Space Center. In 2021, she was invited to participate in the curated fair Approche in Paris, which is dedicated to experimentation in contemporary photography

In her practice, the French photographer Sylvie Bonnot achieves a surprising cohesion between materials and subject matter. In "Bois printemps," a photograph morphs into a sculpture made of wood. The work becomes both a reflection on nature and a great example of Bonnot’s unique “mue” technique (French for “molting”). After printing this tree photograph—taken by herself—she hand-transferred its gelatin-silver layer to a log (the “mue”). Hovering between two- and three-dimensionality, fact and fiction (image and reality), technology and delicate handicraft, the work opens unexpected perspectives on nature and photography.

Sylvie Bonnot (1982 - )

Bois printemps 003 (Chablis). Outrechaise-Ugine, FR

Volumized photography, gelatin silver repositioned on a block of spruce wood, prepared and brushed, 2022


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