Starred by at PAN Amsterdam 2023: Jan Dirk van der Burg


This year we’ve invited Jan Dirk van der Burg, photographer and filmmaker, to ‘star’ ✨ five works at the 36th edition of the PAN Amsterdam.

“These artworks are all connected but not by style or medium. The works require you to take a long and good look to understand what you are actually seeing.” He selected five works for you to take a better look at.

At Contour Gallery (stand 25) Jan Dirk selected Frozen Time, Het Singel by Lars van den Brink. We see classic beauty of the city of Amsterdam in a 'where is Waldo' jacket. Secretly you see everything you hate and love about Amsterdam. A stream of zombie tourists, a lost supper and a parked beer bike, now banned in the center of Amsterdam. If Hieronymus Bosch had had a camera, he would have taken this picture.

At Duende Art Projects (stand 64) he selected Le Choix d’Avenir by Thierry Oussou. Thiery Oussou's work from Benin, ‘choose the future,’ has a wonderful contrast in the fragile, curving canvas and the straightforward imagery where life comes at you in a snap. A work of art that gets under your skin.

At Flatland Gallery (stand 96) he selected Kawa no nagare #5 by Kim Boske. This unique work incorporates indigo photo dots on a washi handmade paper. For this work she kept a living indigo organism alive at her studio in a blue barrel. Those have since died, fortunately we still have the photos.

At Roof- A Gallery (stand C) he selected Destroyed House Gaza by Marjan Teeuwen. Teeuwen builds carefully stacked installations all over the world. She demolishes what she finds necessary, digs down some more if necessary and then rebuilds all kinds of things. What we see in the photo is a photographic result of monk's work. This work was made in 2017 in a destroyed house in Gaza. Destroy and rebuild, more relevant than ever.

At andriesse - eyck galerie (stand 27) he selected Hyper Rhizome #2-3 by Diana Scherer. Diane Scherer lets the organic and mathematical root patterns do their work in the places where she lets them grow. Scherer reminds us that for true enchanting beauty we must be underground. We get that here in a framed carpet of roots. And don't forget to look at the soil below.

Visit the PAN Amsterdam until November 26.
Images by @maikeljay.