PAN Amsterdam 32 Ends Successfully


PAN Amsterdam 32 Ends Successfully


29 November 2018, After a successful final weekend, PAN Amsterdam had welcomed more than 40,000 visitors to the thirty-second fair. The fair for art, antiques and design with 110 exhibitors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy had already recorded good sales during the opening weekend and the trend continued throughout the week and the closing weekend. 


‘Three years ago, we embarked on a new course. As a result, we now see that visitors can find PAN Amsterdam and appreciate the items on offer, which have all been vetted by our vetting committees. Sales are good across the board,’ said managing director Patrick van Maris. Chairman Roberto Payer said ‘This year the link between PAN and Amsterdam and the collaboration with photographer Erwin Olaf were the major highlights. His individual and revealing approach produced fantastic results. The wonderful images for the marketing campaign and the exhibition at PAN Amsterdam strengthened the link with the city. I’m proud of the result.’ 


Erwin Olaf’s Choice

Internationally renowned photographer Erwin Olaf made eight new portraits for the second edition of the exhibition at the fair. He portrayed Amsterdammers with artworks he selected as highlights. Erwin Olaf and his models opened the exhibition during PAN’s opening on Saturday 17 November. The press, visitors and exhibitors were very positive. 


PAN Podium

The growing success of PAN Podium is evident from the many visitors to the event. The overarching theme of the third edition of this platform, where art and the art market are discussed, was ‘From Collection to Museum’. Thirteen art professionals committed themselves to PAN Podium with thirty-nine programme segments. Among the speakers were eight museum directors, three chief editors, and a number of curators and experts. The programme was supported by institutions including the Rembrandt Society, Design Museum Den Bosch, Koninklijke VHOK, Hex Castle in Belgium, the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD) and Museum Singer Laren. 




Galerie Ramakers (Stand 107) sold the more than life-size showpiece by Guido Geelen (1961) to a corporate buyer. 


Galerie Helga Hofman (Stand 102) sold a number of works by Armando (1929 – 2018) including Rotes Bild (2014) to a Dutch private buyer. 


Frides Laméris Kunst- en Antiekhandel(Stand 1) sold almost the entire Wim van der Poel Glass Collection to various buyers. 


Hotei Japanse Prints (Stand 155) sold many prints, including the masterpiece Dancing at the New Carlton Hotel, Shanghai (1924) by Yamamura Koka (1885-1942) to a Dutch collector.


Daatselaar Fine Art & Antiques (Stand 37) sold a secrétaire à doucineby François Bayer to a private buyer. 


BorzoGallery (Stand 29) sold the painting Kimono Geel-Blauw (2015-16) by Hans van Hoek(1947) to a Dutch collector. 


Rademakers Gallery (Stand 3) sold the Pound Lamp (2018) by Job Smeets (1960) to a buyer of international design.


Kunstgalerij Albricht(Stand 114) sold a work by Isaac Israëls(1865-1943) with an asking price in the region of €100,000 to a Dutch private collector. 


Galerie Rob Koudijs(Stand 124) sold a brooch byGijs Bakker (1985) to the CODA Museum. 


Rondom 1920(Stand 150) sold a silver Kaatsbal for €12,000 to a Dutch buyer. 


Kunsthandel A.H. Bies(Stand 43) sold the painting Fishing Boats at Seaby Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915)to a Dutch private buyer. 


Tom Okker Art (Stand 6) sold a chair(1977) by Karel Appel(1921-2006) for €37,500 to a Dutch collector. 


Kahmann Gallery(Stand 28) sold four works by the new artist Justine Tjallinks (1984) which had never been seen before. 


Heutink Ikonen(Stand 146) sold the icon known as Nicolaas van Mosjaisk(late 16th century) which portrays St Nicholas, the protector of Amsterdam, to a private buyer from abroad. 


Histoire(Stand 152) sold the hanging lamp model LS 134by Carlo Nason(1935) with an asking price in the region of €10,000. 


WonderWood(Stand 133) sold a Praying Mantis lamp(c. 1950) by Jean Rispal and a number of works by Jeroen Henneman (1942). 


Gude & Meis Antieke Klokken(Stand 26) sold a magnificent French bronze figurative mantel clock with a conicalpendulum(c. 1870). 


E.J. Wisseling & Co (Stand 110) sold the Portrait of Elisabeth Sophia Maria (Betsy) Cavalini(1901) by Piet Mondrian(1872-1944) for €95,000 to a Dutch buyer.


Mark Smit Kunsthandel (Stand 16) sold the painting View of the Bay of Mallorca (1914) by Leo van Gestel (1881-1941) to a new Dutch buyer.