Jonathan F. Kugel’s Cabinet de Curiostités Contemporain

Cabinet de curiosités contemporain - Contemporary Wunderkammer


Jonathan F. Kugel’s Cabinet de Curiostités Contemporain

Steps away from the bustling Grand Sablon, in the heart of a Brussels, a neo-Flemish house built in 1888 beckons. Its facade, adorned with a turret and a sculpted balcony, is a distinctive landmark. This former lawyer's office, with its imposing chimneys, now houses Jonathan F. Kugel's Cabinet de Curiosités Contemporain. Here, time and style playfully interweave through a program of themed exhibitions.

The artists showcased at the Cabinet embody a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary vision. Their works share space with a curated selection of objects spanning centuries. From European paintings and artworks of the 17th to 19th centuries, chosen for their authenticity, aesthetics, and occasional touch of the peculiar, a conversation unfolds.

"For me," explains Kugel, "the qualities I seek in a contemporary piece are no different from those I value in an antique: virtuosity, craftsmanship, historical significance, and a distinct artistic vision. Ultimately, an object should evoke emotions – beauty, intrigue, or a touch of the grotesque – while simultaneously stimulating the intellect through its scientific or technical ingenuity."