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Snackers Antiques & Fine Art

Snackers Antiques & Fine Art is located in Maastricht in the beautiful Jekerkwartier. Traditionally, the Jekerkwartier has been an area where many antiques and art can be found.

As a collector of mainly religious antiques & art, Vincent opened his first gallery at Sint Pieterstraat 21A in Maastricht in 2020. Bart also joined the company at the beginning of 2023 and together we run Snackers Antiques & Fine Art. Last March we opened a second gallery at Sint Pieterstraat 19 in Maastricht.

Both galleries have their own identity. One focused on religious antiques & art and the other a diverse range of Empire and Louis-Seize furniture and collectibles, art cabinets, clocks, silverware, paintings, and so on.

Snackers Antiques & Fine Art is a new participant of PAN 2024. There we will show a diverse range from our collection.

We look forward to meet you in our stand during PAN 2024.
Sint Pieterstraat 19 & 21A 6211JM Maastricht

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