Stone gallery

Exclusive Geological Wonderments

With over six decades of expertise and a rich family tradition upon which to draw, Stone gallery reveals a world that transcends ordinary boundaries. Its assortment of minerals, meteorites, petrified wood and fossils, takes you on a fascinating journey into the far-distant past.
Standing at the helm of this remarkable venture stands gemologist and proprietor Roy Masin and his son Max, who now represents the Gallery’s esteemed third generation.
Their committed curation of an unparalleled collection demands an adventurous spirit that has propelled them across the globe, exploring remote locations and personally handpicking each acquisition.

Each piece is unique, ornamental, captivating, and adds a very special touch to any living or working space. The Gallery attracts a diverse range of visitors from museums, international interior designers, passionate private art collectors and other adventurous individuals, curious about this extraordinary world and its place in the universe.

Items from the collection are regularly auctioned at the finest auction houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Bonhams.



Stone gallery