Rutger Brandt Gallery

The gallery’s mission is to showcase contemporary art by emerging young artists as well as established international artists in a multi-generational program. We aim for a long-term commitment in developing the artists’ career and the gallery acts as a liaison with other galleries outside The Netherlands.
One of the connecting factors, how varied the outcome may be, is socially committed and narrative art to be found in various disciplines. Political, social actuality and individualism are key ingredients to reflect the spirit of this age. Confronted with the many aspects of human relations, especially those of alienation, isolation, absurdum and the raw side of life, these works call for self-reflection. These artists seek new ways of representation that make us aware of unexpected aspects of everyday life. Our exhibition program is dedicated to aesthetic, progressive and thought-provoking shows.

Rutger Brandt Gallery participates in several art fairs in The Netherlands and abroad; The Armory Show, New York, USA, Untitled; Art, Miami, USA, Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands, VOLTA New York, USA, VOLTA Basel, Switzerland, Expo Chicago, USA and PAN Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We cooperates with like-minded galleries and art institutes throughout Europe and the USA and Asia.