Antique Russian icons

Russian icon gallery Tóth Ikonen is located in Huizen, the Netherlands, 30 km east of Amsterdam. The gallery is open by appointment only.

Tóth Ikonen is specialized in Russian icons from 16th - 19th century. Besides the traditional wooden Russian icons we also present a sizeable collection of metal travelling icons. All the icons are accompanied by extensive documentation. We will be pleased to give you sound and expert advice in our gallery or at one of the fairs. Tóth Ikonen participates in the art and antiques fairs TEFAF Maastricht and PAN Amsterdam and is a member of the Association of Fine Art Dealers in the Netherlands KVHOK and CINOA.

The gallery Tóth Ikonen found its origin in a passion for collecting and most of all in the love of icons. More than 50 years ago József and Corrie Tóth set off as collectors. After some time they became gentlemen dealers and began to participate in fairs. Since 1980 the gallery was located in the Spiegelkwartier in Amsterdam. In March 2013 the gallery moved to its present location in Huizen. The gallery is managed by Ferenc Tóth and his wife Christel Tóth-Aaftink. They published several books about Russian wooden and metal icons.