Rademakers Gallery

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‘From the very start of my working life as a gallerist, I have aimed to engage with the world. I was raised with a salutary vision on gender equality, so from day one in the history of
Rademakers Gallery, the work of female artists has had all the attention it requires and deserves. Although this might sound self-evident, the Gallery proved to fulfill a pioneer’s
role. When I started out, female artists obviously made just as significant, innovative and high quality work as their male counterparts, yet they mostly lacked a correspondingly fair
representation in galleries and public art institutions.
From the day Rademakers Gallery was founded, I have been dedicated to moving female artists and their work to the center of my presentation programme, encompassing
traditional art techniques as well as photography, fashion and design. Meaningful choices have secured the focus on supporting female artists in their development and growth. In
addition, I am committed to present a balanced and accessible exhibition and programming schedule that strengthens the position of all artists I strongly believe in. In doing so, the
Gallery functions as a platform for discovering talent alongside presenting eminent artists - in Amsterdam and throughout the world, in narratives of their works which are invariably
presented more associative than dogmatic.’


Rademakers Gallery

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