Galerie Marzee

Contemporary art jewellery

Founded in 1978 in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Galerie Marzee is one of the principal promoters of international contemporary jewellery and silverware. Since 1995 the gallery has been housed in a former granary on Nijmegen’s waterfront, overlooking the River Waal. With 850 square metres of exhibition space, Galerie Marzee is one of the largest galleries in the Netherlands and the largest gallery for modern art jewellery in the world.
Alongside the permanent Marzee Collection, Galerie Marzee typically mounts five special, temporary exhibitions each year, The gallery is unique in its support for emerging young jewellery artists and our annual, international Marzee Graduate Show (which runs from August to October) is one of the most significant events in our calendar.



Galerie Marzee


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