Sabine Eekels, Artist - Goldsmith

Handmade jewelry with contemporary design.

Goldsmith Sabine Eekels is known for her unique handmade jewellery. Her literally beautiful creations in 18 carat gold and platinum, set with glowing diamonds and other precious stones, now get the attention they deserve. They bear witness to rare craftsmanship. With their clarity in design, subtle color palette and characteristic own beauty, Sabine Eekels' jewellery adds something essential to the variety of contemporary and classic jewelery at the fair.

"I only make original objects, not one of the rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces is the same, everything is self-designed and made entirely by hand."

The jewels of Sabine Eekels are very different in shape. Sometimes linear constructivist, of true sculptural quality, sometimes organic or inspired by classical jewelry. Almost always set with preferably untreated diamonds and colorful gems.

"I work mainly intuitively. My jewelry originates constructively on the workbench. Then there is room for finds and raids. My work has become more spatial."



Sabine Eekels, Artist - Goldsmith