De Backker Art

Contemporary art Early Byzantine, romanesque and medieval art

In the early years, more than 20 years ago, De Backker Art mainly brought medieval and early art. Even then we felt that sooner or later we would follow our hearts and also introduce a collection of contemporary art to a wider audience.
In 2015 we presented a collection of contemporary art for the first time. In choosing this collection, we are guided not only by our personal taste and the artistic authenticity of the works, but also by our 'vocation' to provide a forum for artists who are relatively 'unknown' to us. The joy of bringing together a personal collection and showcasing work by a few hard-working and talented artists goes beyond all the usual "reasonable" arguments. With this project we not only fulfill the artists' wish to exhibit their work, but also our own vision that we must and can make an important contribution to this. "Artis Amore" or "Love of Art" has always been our driving force and a fundamental principle in everything we do. As art lovers, we find great pleasure and satisfaction by also promoting various contemporary artists who we believe rightly deserve it. At Pan Amsterdam 2121 we will present a collection of contemporary art together with a small selection of medieval artworks.



De Backker Art