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Jan van der Vaart, purple, 7-piece tulip tower, multiple with fantastic blue/purple glaze. After 35 years this masterpiece is for sale.

Similar work depicted in the book 'Jan van der Vaart multiples 1967-1997',  Allaard Hidding, image 61. According to the writer, the towers were made with bronze glaze and white glaze. Moreover, only two were made with a blue/purple glaze, these are in private collections.

In the book Jan van der Vaart ceramics, by Beenker, Langmuur, Unger and Werkman, the same tulip tower with purple (cobalt manganese) glaze is depicted on page 166. It is stated that this is the specimen from the collection of J.W.N. van Achterbergh .

The copy offered by Kunstconsult is the second copy, from the series of two with this different and very decorative cobalt manganese glaze. A similar tulip tower with bronze glaze is present in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Jan van der Vaart

Jan van der Vaart (1931 - 2000), cobalt manganese glazed, 7-delige tulpentoren, multipel, 1988


Kunstconsult 20th century art | objects