Paul Ruitenbeek Chinese Art

Gilt-splashed bronze tripod wine vessel


China, Qing dynasty


Formerly in the Franz Collection
Christie's Hong Kong, 30 April 2001

Detail Description

The present cast bronze vessel is elegantly shaped as an archaic wine vessel called jue 爵. Supported by three elongated, tapered legs, the vessel features two short posts cast on the mouth rim, and a loop handle with a mythical animal head. The body is decorated with a band of taotie motifs on a leiwen background, the two sides divided by raised flanges. The underside of the vessel bears the archaic inscription boshen zuo baoyi, which could be translated as 'Boshen made this treasured wine vessel’. The body, legs, and mouth rim are patinated to a rich golden brown colour with irregular gilt splashes.

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Gilt-splashed bronze tripod wine vessel


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