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Diorama II


Jan Pypers (Knokke 1982 - )

Detail Description

Belgian artist Jan Pypers (1982). It is hard to imagine what you are looking at, while watching these photos on your phone or computer screen. 

"Diorama" is about our lost connection with nature and is inspired by the old dioramas found in museums.

In many ways, modern society is completely disconnected from nature. With the advent of modern technologies and urbanization, many people are spending less and less time outdoors, away from nature, and more time in artificial environments. This disconnection has consequences, including a lack of appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature, declining physical and mental health, and a diminished understanding of the complex relationships between people and the natural world. It is important for people to find ways to reconnect with nature.

These days, many photographers are making concerted efforts to transcend the medium, for instance by combining analog and digital techniques in innovative ways. This includes Pypers, who makes carefully elaborated scale models for his photos, that are reminiscent of film sets. The artist has a background in the film world, where he developed a cinematographic eye and became acquainted with the possibilities of film sets, including forced perspective. Pypers takes the smallest details into account in its carefully built scale models. He subsequently edits the photos on his computer in post-production. When the image is complete, he destroys the scale model, leaving the photo as the only piece of evidence that this miniature world ever existed.


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Diorama II