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Worb - The dichroic collection


Ruud Groeneveld (Rotterdam 1973 - )

Detail Description

Enter the world of Studio Sodalime, a master designer and a craftsman. With deft hands and a deep understanding of materials, they transforms the medium into intricate, vibrant works of art. Movement and perspective play a vital role, enhancing the depth and texture of these creations.

Layering by hand, often up to 20 layers deep, it enhances the intricacy of these elaborate designs, giving rise to a visual symphony that gracefully dances before the eyes.

These Dichroic glass sculptures are a mesmerizing fusion of art and science. Radiant objects  that use unique properties of dichroic glass to capture and reflect light in breathtaking ways. With their dazzling, shifting hues and dynamic patterns, they transform any space into a visual wonderland.

Crafted by Studio Sodalime these dichroic glass sculptures are a testament to the interplay of color and transparency. As natural or artificial light interacts 

with the glass, it splits into a spectrum of vibrant, ever-changing colors, transforming each piece is a kaleidoscope of color, inviting the viewers to wander off for just a few moments.

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Worb - The dichroic collection