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The Regulars


Leslie Lewis Sigler (USA 18-02-1983)

Leslie Lewis Sigler
The Regulars, 2023
oil on panel
40 x 30 cm

Detail Description

Leslie Lewis Sigler’s still life paintings of silver and copper heirlooms collect treasured family objects as families of objects. In Sigler’s work, an extensive collection of objects, histories, and emotional relations is brought vividly and suggestively to life. Each piece has its own unique story to tell, moments of polish and moments of tarnish. A series of portraits thus emerges whose enduring power and beauty reflect the depths of human character and the profound connectedness of shared history.

Domestic objects made of precious metals—flatware, vessels, molds, cutlery—have a kind of eternal life. They may age beyond recognition, but polishing them will soon recapture their original luster. Attending to the elegance of their form and the precision of their decorative flourishes, as well as to the play of light off their surfaces and even the shadows they cast, Sigler renders these singular objects in all their varied richness, elevating them beyond their mere functionality through a signature combination of near-photographic realism and painterly abstraction.


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The Regulars


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