AWCo (Amsterdam Watch Company)

Omega Speedmaster MIR space


Stainless steel

Detail Description

Behold an immensely rare Speedmaster that was actually sent into orbit!

Brace yourself for an astonishing revelation at PAN 2023: an unparalleled horological marvel - an Omega Speedmaster that journeyed to space! Only 35 of these remarkable timepieces embarked on a journey to the MIR space station for rigorous testing. Experience its unworn brilliance, aged tritium, and the legacy of flawless performance from Omega's 1993 mission.

Cast your mind back to 1993 when Omega entrusted a select group of 28 steel Speedmasters and 7 resplendent golden variants to the prestigious MIR space research center. Enduring an entire year of unrelenting tests in alien environments, the result was astonishingly flawless performance, defying the extraordinary circumstances they were put through.

Immerse yourself in the Omega Speedmaster's historic NASA connection, celebrated moon missions, and iconic design. Coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike, this masterpiece seamlessly blends technology, versatility, and style.

We, Amsterdam Watch Company, boast over 20 years of pure passion-driven experience. Nestled within Amsterdam's famous nine streets, our unparalleled reputation and global clientele position us as the first to ever offer this extraordinary timepiece on the market. PAN 2023 unveils this cosmic horological treasure, offering you a rare chance to own a piece of space history. Don't miss the opportunity to own a watch that has not only witnessed but also touched the stars themselves!


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Omega Speedmaster MIR space