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Collectie baleinen dozen, mangelplank en mopjestrommel


Origin: the Netherlands

Period: 17th century

Whale bone was brought to the Netherlands as a byproduct of whaling. Starting from the early 17th century, luxury items were crafted from whale bone. The bottom and the flat part of the round boxes were made of oak wood. The whale bone is curved, lapped, and stitched where the bottom and the lid are nailed with copper nails. The board, known as the 'mangelplank,' was used to press small items of linen after washing. The 'mangelplank' was often given as an engagement gift. The 'mopjestrommel,' meaning 'songbook box,' was carried by Zaanse ladies to tea gatherings with friends. 'Mopjes' refers to songs. They kept the songbooks in the mopjestrommel."


Ronde doos: Elias Becker, Zeist
Mangelplank: Tiemen Helperi Kimm, Groningen
'Mopjestrommel': Tiemen Helperi Kimm, Groningen
J. K. Baay

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Collectie baleinen dozen, mangelplank en mopjestrommel


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