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Unique pair of clothes hangers designed by Osvaldo Borsani for Arredamenti Borsani Varedo.


Osvaldo Borsani (Varedo 17-08-1911 - Milan 1985)


Certificate of authenticity from the Borsani institute

Detail Description

These two coat racks were originally designed for a private residence in Milan by the illustrious and imaginative Italian designer Osvaldo Borsani. At a young age he started working in the family business that was engaged in the manufacture of furniture. Much later in 1953, together with his brother Fulgenzio, he will create the life project Tecno in which standardization of furniture production is developed in combination with powerful design as an identity. But before that later period arrives, Borsani has been designing bespoke furniture pieces on request for special clients in and around Lombardy. Including these appendiabiti or clothes hangers. Design The superior quality solid Italian walnut with its golden hues is in an exceptional category. As soon as the light touches the wood for even a moment, it revives and fills the space with beauty. The stylized shape runs down crosswise like a kind of braid and overlaps continuously in the middle and connects at the outer corners to finally end in a refined way in slimmer downward arches. The diamond is a strong decorative element and can be seen regularly in Borsani's earlier designs. An object such as this in which this diamond largely prevails as an ornament over the functional is rare. Borsani takes us by the hand in a masterclass on the Italian conception of aesthetics. It is essentially absolute and undoubtedly uncompromising. We turn our gaze to the upper part of this work of art. After the ornamental and graceful part that has just been discussed, we shift the perspective to the more functional aspect. There where you can hang your coats, coats and related garments. This section floats just above it, after which the three relatively large hooks, which are shaped like ears, immediately stand out. These "ears" are each an ingenious work in itself and shine through the polished finish of the deep brown solid walnut. In the recess above it is a glass plate with an elegant and practical detail. There are two recesses in it, which makes it just that little bit easier to put a clothing accessory such as a hat or gloves on it without the wrist touching the glass. This unusual pair of clothes hangers with a profound history provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the kind of projects Arredamenti Borsani Veredo has realized. Pure craftsmanship and aesthetics found each other in harmony and today result in even greater appreciation. Condition These coat hangers are in good condition. Source: Giampiero Bosoni. “Osvaldo Borsani, architect, designer, imprenditore”. Skira, March 2018, Milano

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Unique pair of clothes hangers designed by Osvaldo Borsani for Arredamenti Borsani Varedo.


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