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A Kitchen Interior


Dirck de Vries (Frisia ca. 1554 - 1612 Venice)

"A Kitchen Interior", oil on canvas,, 95 x 125 cm


Private collection, England.

Detail Description

This charming kitchen interior is a rare work by the Frisian artist Dirck de Vries, who was first documented in Venice in 1584 and who lived and worked there for the rest of his life. When Goltzius visited Venice in 1590, he stayed with de Vries and drew a portrait of his host, now kept in the Teylers Museum (inv./ N 073). Karel van Mander, too, knew de Vries' work, describing it in his Schilder-boeck: "I have seen by this de Vries several kitchens and fruitmarkets in the Venetian way, nicely coloured and well painted, beautiful and glowing".


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A Kitchen Interior


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