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Mary Sue (Assumed identity, established between 1979 and now)

HD color video, stereo sound, 8-minute loop, 2017

Detail Description

Mary Sue (assumed identity, established between 1979 and now) uses color to a poignant effect in performances rendered as videos, photographs, art objects, and drawings. Under her sobriquet adopted while at the ENSA of Dijon, she has had exhibitions in France, Belgium, and Italy and has participated in Art Basel, FIAC, and Art Brussels. Mary Sue’s working method, deploying the most advanced digital means, involves a critical reading of real places and situations through the prism of her cartoonish alter ego. Her vast project on childhood and loss, La Flotte, gained attention at the Art, ville et paysage festival (2017) in Amiens. In 2021, she was invited to participate in the XXIV International Encounters Traverse Video Festival, Toulouse, and Screen Time at the Samek Art Museum, Pennsylvania. She was TMH’s artist in focus at Salon Zürcher: 11 Women of Spirit VI, New York, and Unseen Amsterdam in 2022.

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