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This extraordinary, hitherto unknown relief of Saint Ladislas on horseback against a dramatic stony background is a fascinating outlier in the oeuvre of one of the most original and influential sculptor's workshops of the 15th century, that of the Master of Rimini in the Southern Netherlands. The fine carving and original conception of the relief establishes a clear lineage between master’s Crucifixion altarpiece from Rimini in the Liebieghaus and a group of similarly conceived reliefs of saints on horses thought to be by followers of the Master that were active in Germany. Compared to the latter alabasters Saint Ladislas’ particular finesse and character stands out and the figure follows the facial type and hairstyles employed by the Master of Rimini much more closely. Furthermore, such details as the precisely delineated chainmail, the armoured glove, sword pommel, and the axe are only found in those works most intimately associated with the master.

Relief with Saint Ladislas on horseback

German, Middle Rhine, mid-15th century, alabaster, 27 by 20 cm.


Erik Bijzet Sculpture and Works of Art


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