Mia Karlova Galerie

Contemporary art, collectible design, functional sculpture

Mia Karlova Galerie gives centre-stage to functional sculpture, rallying an intriguing roster of international contemporary artists and product designers presenting works of various genres united through a common emotional language.

Functional sculpture increasingly attracts attention of collectors. Possessing originality in design or material, this form of art offers exceptional pleasure during interaction. The appreciation is not just visual: it involves tactile senses, functionality and an emotional part of physical discovery.

Founded in 2020 by interior designer and curator Mia Karlova, the eponymous Mia Karlova Galerie seeks to form a dialogue between art and design. Presented works are unique or created in limited editions.

The objects presented at PAN Amsterdam examine the expanding possibilities in collectible design-art. We collect because we find an illustration of our values, tastes and emotions, which are shaped by the wider transformations in our habits and surroundings. As in contemporary art, unveiling the concept behind a particular piece may be an important part of discovering an object; it might reveal layers of deep meanings which would grant a different level of appreciation



Mia Karlova Galerie