Better days


Julius Stibbe (21-06-1995 - )

2020, 120 x 90 cm, oilpaint and oilstick on canvas

Detail Description

Julius Stibbe (1995) is a real painter. In complete freedom and liberty he constructs his paintings through the process of painting itself. There are no sketches, no concepts. It is within this freedom that his paintings are created, through accidents, surprises, which occur and which are cherished by Julius Stibbe.

Painterly elements as composition, ritme and light are weighted during this free process and always kept in consideration. Colors are being balanced next and opposite of each other, complementing each other.

Although his works do usually have a title, this title is very difficult to rhyme with the visual aspects of the work. It might be that something happend in Julius Stibbe’s personal life and this event might play a part at the starting point of the painting. Maybe that event is where the title comes from? By the actual painting process this event and starting point disappear: the search for shapes and color composition erases the actual memory.

Julius Stibbe studied at HKU, Utrecht. He was nominated for the Royal Prize of Painting in 2017. In 2020 he participated in a group show at Centraal Museum Utrecht. His works are part of numerous private collections and corporate collections such as Akzo Nobel and KPMG.

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Better days


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