RA Studio

Crafted interiors & furniture


RA Studio was founded in 2013 by Reineke Antvelink. With her background in the arts, her vision always pushes beyond the usual. While being renowned for her extravagant style and fine detailing, Reineke’s philosophy is surprisingly elegant: to harmonize beauty and functionality in the buildings where we live and work.

Continually raising the bar when it comes to creative expression, Reineke and her team create a sense of timelessness and character to every room they touch. At the same time, their holistic approach ensures every space flows naturally to the next, elevating a property’s entire interior into a unique and welcoming work of art that’s a delight to come home to.

RA Studio has an eye for remarkable objects and pieces that will enrich your living space. Whether inspiration is found in antiques, modern art, or the exotic: every room will vibrate with personality. Just like you do.



RA Studio