Mark Haasnoot Fine Arts

19th and 20th century paintings


Mark Haasnoot (1966) studied law and art history at the University of Utrecht. During his student days he worked in the Katwijks Museum and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. In 1998, after an internship, he joined the prestigious Christie's Auction House in Amsterdam. From 2001 he worked for Kunsthandel Simonis&Buunk in Ede until he returned to the old nest via Glerum Auctioneers. In his capacity as a painting specialist, Mark was responsible for spectacular discoveries and many world auction records.

Since 2003, Mark has been working as a permanent appraiser for painting in valuation programs for three local broadcasters (RTV Utrecht, TV Gelderland, TV Oost). He also gives lectures and presentations for private bankers, insurance companies and other institutions. He is also co-founder and manager of a visual arts investment fund.

In the course 'Kunst Kijken Kunstkopen', Mark guides students through 20 lessons against an art and cultural-historical background in the complex world of the art trade and the auction system, which is full of traps.

Key concepts in all activities of Mark Haasnoot: passion, quality, integrity, involvement and value for money.



Mark Haasnoot Fine Arts