Paul Ruitenbeek Chinese Art
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Highlights - Open op afspraak tijdens PAN in Perspectief
25 t/m 29 november 2020
Born and raised in Amsterdam, I grew up with Chinese art. With a mother as a former auction house department head and a father as a museum curator, I became fascinated with Chinese art objects at an early age. After my studies and three years working in Beijing, I started to work with my mother in the Chinese art field for a period of five years. During this time, we travelled the world looking to source high quality objects for our private clients.
Today I work as an independent dealer specialising in Chinese ceramics and works of art with a specific focus on early ceramics, Ming and Qing dynasty porcelain, scholarly objects and snuff bottles. My favorite part is to work with the collector – sharing knowledge and passion in order to start or build on a collection with both aesthetic and academic significance. 

Keramische kom daterend uit de Song dynastie (960-1279), bedekt met een Qingbai-glazuur. Dit type wordt vaak beschouwd als het meest vroege porselein en kenmerkt zich door de subtiele en heldere lichtblauwe glazuur.