Galerie Bart
Elandsgracht 16
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Deelnemer Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend - Open tijdens PAN in Perspectief
On Thursday, November 26 (following the time scedule of the Amsterdam Art Gallery weekend), Galerie Bart will open two solo exhibitions: "Crowds" by Susanna Inglada and "Everyday" by Jisan Ahn. These exhibitions are on view until January 17, 2021.

On Saturday and Sunday November 28 and 29, between 12:00 and 17:00, the performance 'Bar No 5' by Margriet Craens can also be attended, continuously. 
During the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend, Bar No. 5, an installation and performance by Margriet Craens (1988, NL), will provide the balance between the mass violence of Susanna Inglada and the inner struggle of Jisan Ahn. The visitor can sit down on a bar stool at the black lacquered, shiny bar and talk to the bartender. Through short personal sessions based on the Social Hygiene course, which the artist has also completed herself, the guest can not only discuss issues that are bothering him or her, but also solve them together with the bartender. Unusual glass drink bottles are displayed in the liquor cabinet behind the bar. Each bottle represents an emotion and will be used to support the sessions. 

On Saturday 28 November: Bart's Movie Night: a block of animated shorts will be shown at 18:00 and 19:00, selected and introduced by Susanna Inglada. max 10 persons per screening, book a spot via

Susanna Inglada - Crowds
26 november 2020 t/m 17 januari 2021
Susanna Inglada (1983, ES) started her artistic career at La Casona Theater School in Barcelona and then focused on painting. She has since developed her recognizable working method on paper, whereby her background in theater studies remains visible. She places her cut-out drawings in the space like the stage decor for a play. Susanna works with images that she collects from the internet and magazines, and draws inspiration from literature, theatre and the news. With these components she examines the mechanisms of power and corruption. The human figures seem familiar and you think you are recognising them, but they are always anonymous and exchangeable. When the visitor moves through the exhibition, he or she is confronted with physical struggles, enlarged facial expressions and strong emotions and is thus forced to experience the work physically. Susanna writes a new chapter with the exhibition "Crowds". Entanglement and masses have always been the subject of her work, but they now seem even more relevant in the current era. She will again show an installation made of paper, as well as linos. In addition, she recently started making animations that will also be shown in the exhibition.

Jisan Ahn - Everyday 
26 november 2020 t/m 17 januari 2021
Jisan Ahn (1979, KR) (1983, ES) also works with images from the media, which he first incorporates into drawings, collages and miniature arrangements, before applying the paint to the canvas based on these preliminary studies. With his oil paintings he wants to question the factuality of media images and he plays with the idea of the physical versus the virtual world, the real versus the unreal. Furthermore he draws on his own memory and emotions, that are evoked by these situations and events.Because he had had a carefree childhood, Jisan has always been searching for the feeling of discomfort in himself. When he finds this emotion, he translates it into images with the aim to evoke this discomfort from the viewer as well. In the exhibition Jisan will show new work where the ordinary, the everyday and the repetitive will be the subject. Human figures are often absent, the emptiness of space challenges you without mercy. And when people are present, their attitudes are despondent. They don't seem to want to be where they are right now, but seem unable to change that.