Mandarin Mansion

Tibetan bowcase and quiver


Leather, wood, pigments, iron, gold, silver, shellac
Tibet, 17th to early 18th century


Ex Stephen Selby collectie, Hong Kong


Exhibited at the Hong Kong museum of coastal defense, 2008.

Detail Description

Asian warriors usually wore their bow in a case on their left side and their arrows in a quiver on their right. Here is a rare matched set of Tibetan bow case and quiver from the 17th century.

Both are made of leather, the quiver with a supportive wooden frame. The front of each piece is decorated with paint in shades of gold, yellow and green. A dragon prides on a roundel on the bow case, with another medallion-shaped ornament with a phoenix. The quiver is decorated with a phoenix in its rounded. The borders are painted with motifs alternating between stylized waves, geometric patterns, and floral motifs.

The quiver retains five metal bosses, all damascened with gold and silver.

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Tibetan bowcase and quiver


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