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Shortsword, Bhutan, 18th century


Iron, steel, silver, gold, wood, silk, copper.
56 cm in scabbard.
Bhutan, 18th century.


P. Holstein, published in 1931.
Auctioned Drouot Paris in 1952.


P. Holstein; Contribution A L'Etude Des Armes Orientales. Paris: Levy, 1931. Volume 2.

Detail Description

A Bhutanese dagger called "dozum" in the local language, with elaborate silver decoration. The decorative plate at the front of the scabbard consists of concentric lines around Buddhist symbols from the "Astamangala", the eight sacred symbols.

Pommel and scabard are made of iron, adorned with gold and silver overlay. Blade tapers gradually to an acute point and is forged with the so-called '"hairpin forging" that is typical for the Himalayan region including Tibet.

The piece comes from the famous Holstein collection. He published it in 1931 with an illustration and description and after his passing it got auctioned in 1952 in Paris.

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Shortsword, Bhutan, 18th century


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