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Act IV (Yodanme), Treasury of the Loyal Retainers (Chūshingura)


Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806)

Very good impression, colour and condition, very slightly soiled towards the right margin
Signed 'Utamaro hitsu', published by Nishimura Yohachi
Circa 1801-1802

Detail Description

Two woman and a young man arranging flowers for the moon-viewing festival (Tsukimi): pampas grasses and chrysanthemums are being arranged, decorated sake bottles will be presented on a special altar to the gods.

This is a parody (mitate) of an imaginary scene from Act IV of the play. The inset at the upper right shows Kuranosuke, Lord Asano’s chamberlain and leader of the retainers, presenting a basket of flowers to Lady Kaoyo in condolence for her husband’s ritual suicide, Lord Enya Hangan.

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Act IV (Yodanme), Treasury of the Loyal Retainers (Chūshingura)


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