Het Ware Huis

Snake charmer


Otto Poertzel (Scheibe 1876-1963 Coburg)

Gold painted bronze and ivory on onyx base
Height 27 cm
Signed 'prof. Poertzel'


Private collection, Aachen


Victor Arwas, 'Art Deco Sculpture, Academy Editions', London, 1992, cover ill.; Karl-Ulrich Pachale: Hermann Hugo Otto Poertzel (1876–1963) in 'Coburger Geschichtsblätter Jahresband 2007', pp. 48–54; 'Renate Reuther: Villen in Coburg. Veste-Verlag Roßteuscher', Coburg 2011; 'Alberto Shayo: Statuettes art deco period. Antique Collectors Club Art Books', 2016

Detail Description

This beautiful women is a contorsionist, wearing a snake costume. Her movement is as gracious as a ballerina. It was a modern way of looking at movement, where action in sports, modern dance, or every day live became as interesting as classical poses. The extremely refined craftsmanship leaves everyone stunned. The grace of these tiny carved hands is unrivaled.

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Snake charmer


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