De Backker Art

De Backker Art shows early and Medieval art together with contemporary art


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Since 2000 we are known under the name De Backker Medieval Art. Our other company Art@Life was founded in 2005 with the intention to support some artists. Already at that time we felt that sooner or later we would follow our heart and present a small collection of contemporary art to the public.
For several years Art@Life is showing its collection of contemporary art to the general public. We have allowed ourselves to be guided in our selection not only by our personal taste and the artistic authenticity of the works, but also by our drive to promote relatively ‘unknown’ artists and to give them a helping hand.

This principle is fundamental for us. The pleasure of putting together a personal collection and putting work of a few artists who deserve it in the spotlight, goes beyond all the usual arguments. By starting up this project, we are not only fulfilling the wishes of artists who want to show their work to the public but also an idealistic vision that we can make a significant contribution in this respect. Our principal motivation in everything that we do is ‘Artis Amore‘, the love of art. Since a few year we have taken part with our contemporary art collection in various art and antiques fairs. The old collection became mixed with the contemporary one so this year we brought both collections together and we changed our name into DE BACKKER ART.

Pieter, Tin & Luc De Backker

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De Backker Art shows early and Medieval art together with contemporary art


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