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Dominique Pollès (Parijs (FR) 1945 - )

Bronze Patiné
120 x 60 x 53 cm
Edition: 2/3
Casting year: 2022
Year of creation: 2010
Base: Granite
Weight: 150 kg

Detail Description

The bronze sculptures of Dominique Pollès (b. 1945, FR) are female nudes that range from just five inches tall to more than life-size. Born in Paris in 1945, the young Pollès often watched and admired his father when he painted his oil paintings with great sensitivity.

In 1964, Dominique began his studies in medicine while at the same time he attended courses at the Académie Charpentier. His fascination with painting led Pollès to participate as a painter in an art exhibition at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 1966, and he decided to end his medical school. While in London in 1967, a chance encounter with Italian sculptor Enzo Plazzotta sealed his fate: Dominique Pollès was taught the basics of sculpture by the master.

Pollès decided to leave for Italy in 1970, and settled in Carrara, Tuscany. The more sculptures he made, the larger and more ambitious his work became. Pollès' sculptures convey a surprising sense of volume, contour and texture. The appeal of the polished patinas ranges from the traditional browns and greens to bright turquoise, rich reds and cool silver. His subject is almost always the female form with twisted, truncated torsos, emphasizing the curved, sensual lines of the female contours. Considered the inventor of “organic cubism”, Pollès’ work is instantly recognizable to the viewer.

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