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From the series: Famous women and their poems on the beauties of nature (Meifu eika kachō fūgetsu 名婦 詠歌 花鳥 風月).
Published by Izumiya Ichibei in c.1805.
Signed: Utamaro hitsu.

Each print features a famous woman poet, in this case Hachijō-in no Takakura (八条院高倉, c. 1176 - c. 1248). She was a waka poet and Japanese noblewoman and designated as a member of the New Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry (新三十六歌仙, Shinsanjūrokkasen).


Kitagawa Utamaro 喜多川歌麿 (1753 - 1806)

Moon, Hachijō-in no Takakura (Getsu, Hachijō-in no Takakura 月 八条院高倉)


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