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Completely gouged by hand in an extremely refined manner and extensive use of very complex woodworking techniques with an inimitable sense of proportion and shape. All superlatives fall short when we want to describe this exquisite work from the hand of the maestro Giuseppe Rivadossi.
This slim and special sideboard was manufactured in the early eighties in the workshop of Officina Rivadossi in Brescia and immediately stands out due to its unorthodox shape. Seen from above, it is in fact a trapezoidal shape that makes a sharp inward angle at the beginning of the doorposts and then maintains a straight line again.
When we observe the object directly in front, we detect a subtle trompe l'oeil. Because the side panels diverge so sharply, the viewer is sucked into a perspective drawing in which the vanishing points seem infinitely far away. In addition, the sideboard also seems to float because the round legs that are barely visible cast a light shadow under the whole.
Rivadossi has used a truly sublime Slavonian oak and his signature technique of gouging creates a texture that gives an extra dimension to the wood. The medullary rays, which are so characteristic of oak, add a very special detail. The doors are relatively heavy and show an architectural grid where small windows are incorporated in geometric frames.
It's hard to attribute the style of this sideboard to a mainstream movement, but if we have to make an attempt, this is a form of brutalism in its most elegant guise. Robust and even a little menacing but at the same time warm and welcoming. The warmth is the result of a breathtaking patina that has formed over the years.
The condition of the sideboard is very good with only minimal signs of wear. Certificate of authenticity is included.

Giuseppe Rivadossi (Nave 1935 - )

Giuseppe Rivadossi Unique Trapezium Shaped Sideboard In Slavonian oak, Italy 1980s


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