Dolf D. van Omme 19th-21st Century European Fine Arts

Hochoben, 1933


Hans Baluschek (Wroclaw 1870 - Berlin 1935)

Signed and dated lower left
Watercolour and gouache on paper
50,5 x 38 cm.


Most likely acquired directly from the artist by Max Walter Gohlke (1880-1971),
Collection Max Walter Gohlke, Berlin circa 1933 – 1971,
Thence by descent to the previous owner.

Max Walter Gohlke worked as a frame maker and gilder in Berlin's Potsdamer Strasse.
He was friends with many Berlin artists, including Max Liebermann, Hans Baluschek, Ludwig Meidner and Eugen Spiro. Through his profession as a framer, he acquired many of the works in his collection through an exchange with these artists "His old Berlin living room above the workshop, was like a small museum, which meant his whole world".

Hans Baluschek is a celebrated artist in Germany. Through the exhibition Hans Baluschek and Karel Willink, Art for the People. Which was on display in Museum Arnhem from 26 February to 25 June 2023. The work and life of Hans Baluschek was presented to the Dutch public.

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Hochoben, 1933


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