Oranda Jin

Mizusashi, Ukimidô temple


Seihô Takeuchi ( 1864-1942) and Kiyomizu Rokubei IV (1847-1920)

Mizusashi, Ukimidô temple

Pink gohonde kyôyaki, pottery from Kyoto, with a black underglaze and dripping glaze with a lid of red lacquer, Ø 23 x 10

Signed by Seihô and sealed by Rokubei
Seihô decorated this mizusashi, a bowl for fresh water, fired by Rokubei

Ômi hakkei, The Eight Faces on Ômi "Katata no Rakugan", or "Wild geese return home to Katata". (Ukimidô is the name of the small temple near Katata) in the square hôkyô-style, detached from the lakeshore, connected by a bridge is one of the traditional eight famous scenic views in the former province of Ômi.

Seihô was one of the last important Shijô painters. Rokubei was a prominent potter, 4th generation of one of the most important family kilns in Kyoto

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Mizusashi, Ukimidô temple