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Malaise Trap


The Collective Landscape is a multimedia project by Amsterdam-based photographer/artist Eddo Hartmann. This ongoing project focuses on various scientific research from different disciplines dealing with the Dutch landscape, nature, agriculture and ecosystems. The Dutch landscape is known for its precise geometric shapes, waterways and straight lines. It brings to mind the works of famous modernist artists such as Piet Mondriaan and Gerrit Rietveld. At a closer look we see monocultures of grass stretching towards the horizon. Because of these seemingly aesthetic squares, we are confronted with serious ecological problems.

A "Malaise Trap” on the Marker Wadden: These traps are used by scientists to monitor different kinds of insects in specific areas. A research group from the University of Groningen wants to find out which insects are the first to settle in this newly created nature reserve at the center of the IJsselmeer and what influence this has on the further development of the ecosystem on this location.


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Malaise Trap