Suite 59 Gallery

Atelier Picasso, Villa La Californie, Cannes c.1955


Andre Villers (Beaucourt, France 1930 - 2016)

Canson baryta fine art print
Edition: No 8/10


Directly from artist and Suite 59 Gallery Amsterdam

Detail Description

The chance meeting between Andre Villers and Pablo Picasso happened in a Vallauris street in 1953 when Villers stopped the artist to take his photograph. This moment was the beginning of a great friendship. A friendship not only responsible for creating a complete fusion of photography and painting, but the legacy of which is an entire project documenting the life,work and studio of Pablo Picasso. It was also here that the two artists began to experiment with printing techniques including solarizations, and paper abstractions. Villers has held solo exhibitions all over Europe and many of his prints are held in the permanent collections of the Picasso Museum in Paris, Barcelona, Vallauris and Antibes.

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Atelier Picasso, Villa La Californie, Cannes c.1955


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