When I Grow Up I Want To Beome A Forester #3


Kim Boske (Hilversum 1978 - )

2019, C-printon artist frame, 100 x 150 cm

Detail Description

The multiple of layers in Kim Boske's (1978 b., Hilversum, The Netherlands) photographic images seem to be holding, one layer upon the other, merging and intertwining, simultaneously different moments in time. Forming one harmonious image in its entirety, these images of the 'now', composed of different visual fragments lost during passing of time, reveal a phenomenon that is impossible to see or witness with the naked eye.

Fascinated by how different moments in time and space determine our perspective and define reality, Boske focuses in her work on the system of ‘Time’. She regards it as a structure that is made up of smaller, differentiated structures, in which she sees the ‘now’ as an intricate assembly of several related influences of past and present; reality as an unlimited field of differentials, which move disorderly alongside each other and together form the unity of being.

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When I Grow Up I Want To Beome A Forester #3


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