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Dragon Vase


Pottery vase from W.C. Brouwer, the vase is made in a bright green matte glaze with an attached dragon ear. Executed between ± 1903 in Leiderdorp (Vredelust). Height: 27 cm.


Private collection Netherlands


Art Nouveau and Art Deco in the Netherlands; Leidelmeijer, F.; Cingel, v/d D.; Publisher: Meulenhoff/Landschot, 1983. pp.: 80-82
Applied arts in the Netherlands 1880-1940; Eliëns, T. M.; Groot, M.; Leidelmeijer, F.; p.: 56, (2nd v. left; similar copy with blue glaze) 211. Publisher: V+K Publishing, 1997.

Detail Description

Before setting up his own factory in 1901, Brouwer worked for Wed for a short period of time. Brantjes in Purmerend and then at the Goedewaagen company in Gouda. In 1900 he became a member of the artists' group 't Binnenhuis, which pursued an innovative design. Brouwer was friends with many artists and architects from the period (including Berlage). The sculptural nature of this vase can also be seen as a precursor to the stylized construction and garden ceramics he later made. In terms of lines, it shows influences from French Art Nouveau (whip stroke) as well as from a more mathematical ornamentation.

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Dragon Vase


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