Koetser Gallery

A view of Haarlem


Oil on Panel, 34 x 52.5 cm
Signed and dated lower left: AV. CROOS. 1645


Collection Birket Walker, England;
Sale Collection de la Princesse de X… et à divers amateurs, Galerie Charpentier, Paris, Me Rheims, 2 December 952, no. 65;
Sale, Leo Spik, Berlin, 8 November 1956, no. 125, reproduced;
With Douwes Gallery, Amsterdam;
Private Collection, France.


H.U. Beck, Künstler um Jan van Goyen, Doornspijk, 1991, p.80 no. 160.

Detail Description

Anthonie van der Croos (Alkmaar 1606/07 – 1662/1663 The Hague)

was a Dutch painter, draughtsman, art dealer and poet.

Born in Alkmaar, from 1634 on Croos lived and worked mainly in The Hague. He primarily painted landscapes. Quite a number of his ladscapes are topgrapically accurate. He must drawn or perhaps even painted 'en plein air'.

While his work reveals influence of Jan van Goyen the great Haarlem master of the tonal landscapes with its characteristic low horizons, van der Croos over time developed his own style, that can easily be recognized. The present View of Haarlem  is a rendition of the city of Haarlem when approached from the east westward. 

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A view of Haarlem