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5 ovali rossi


Turi Simeti (Acalmo (TP) 1929 - Milano 2021)


Acrylic on shaped canvas

100 x 120 cm | 39,4 x 47,2 in

Signed and dated on the reverse, on the stretcher
Turi Simeti archive number 2017-R1003


Artist's studio

Detail Description

"The oval shape is congenial to me. In fact, I first intuited and verified later that the canvas moves better when moved by an ellipse rather than by a tondo. The ellipse exerts its

pressure gently and the result is slightly asymmetrical... the tondo is harder because it is circular; the oval is smoother. I have had, and I'm still having a deep sort of love for the oval. The oval is a point of excitement of the surface, which comes to life and thickness because of the light. Light is as important in my work, as much as the shadow. When I start to make a painting I already predict how it will react with the light, regardless of the colour of the work" 

- Turi Simeti (from a conversation with Federico Sardella), in Turi Simeti, exhibition catalogue, Maab Studio d'Arte, Padua, 2009

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5 ovali rossi


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